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{71th} Independence Day Speech in Hindi - 15 August Speeches English

Independence Day Speech in Hindi - 15 August Speeches in English or hindi:- We have provided sample speeches with examples of 15th Aug Speech in Hindi and Independence day speech in English for Teachers, Students, Principal, Boss to deliver some inspirational and motivational words in your school or collage premises.students were searching for 15 August speech in Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali. Right now we are providing 71th Indian Independence Day speech in Hindi and English language only but we can also share other 15 Aug speech in different language as per as your request. You can also download these speech ideas as images or save as PDF file.

71th  Independence Day Speech in Hindi

Independence Day Speech in English

15 August 1947 is the most important date for each and every Indian. On this day, our country was declared as the independent country and was free from the British rule. The freedom we got was the only result of continuous march pasts, day night fights between Indian soldiers and British army, and the sacrifices of all Indians that took part in the fight of Independence.
Today, we all are here celebrating the 71th freedom anniversary of 15 August Independence Day of India. On this patriotic day, prime minister of India, raise the national flag “Tiranga” over the Red Fort at Delhi and special parade is organized from the India gate, giving the tribute who lost their lives during the Independence day war.
Celebrating the Independence day 2017, various dance performances and cultural events are to be part of the celebration ceremony where people from all over the Indian states come and show their traditional dance. Along with the dance programs, soldiers and army men show all the three strong powers air, water, land to the common public. Every one sing national anthem of India which is JANA GANA MANA. Every one stand still for the national anthem of our country. On this day the great personalities, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and all those who had important role in giving independence to India are remembered with great honor and respect.
Amazingly, days before the 15 August, streets are cleared, schools are decorated and special awareness is created regarding cleanliness. National flag is raised on the tops of the schools, colleges, government buildings and educational departments. Kids and school children takes part in parades, dance competitions, quiz competitions and cultural events.
We all should take part in the development of our country and only thinks in the favor of our nation. So come and take pledge that we will take our nation to new heights of development and should proud of our country. Jai Hind.     
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