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30 Happy Friendship Day Messages 2017 | Friendship Day Text Messages

Happy Friendship Day Messages 2017: Happy Friendship day 2017 messages are very important for every people who love their friend most. As Happy Friendship Day messages is the only one way of expression for making someone in your life feels more special. There are some of the top friendship day wishes for the Happy Friendship day 2017 special which will not only put a smile on your friend’s face but also will bring great happiness on the special day.You can share these friendship day messages on facebook,pinterest,G+,twitter,etc or else you can download these for free .so here are some of the happy friendship day messages 2017.

30 Happy Friendship Day Messages 2017 | Friendship Day Text Messages 

Happy Friendship day 2017 is a very special day which is celebrated on 7th August every year. Friendship day is specially celebrated all over the world; it is the symbol of love and relationship among the friends. The friendship days is very important for each and every people in the world, so one must celebrate it in the best way and make this day remarkable in your life. One of the most popular and trending way to celebrate the friendship day is sending beautiful messages to your friend in the Friendship Day 2017. Friendship Day is also celebrated as a common festival, nowadays as there have been popularity in the world for showing love and affectionate to the friends, The Friendship Day is celebrated.

We all use phone and internets which have revolve the ways of wishing any special days. Many social media have come up recently like- Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and many more. So here with us, there are lots of latest Happy Friendship Day 2017 Messages which will help you to send the best and expressive Messages to your loving friends.


Happy Friendship Day 2017 messages collection here below will be very special that your friend will never forget to receive such great expressive message in the special Friendship Day. Out of many messages, sometimes we chose the less expressive messages to sent to our friends which remains normal and not much happy. So we are here to find you out the best messages for Friendship Day; below check out the best Happy Friendship Day Messages. These collections of Happy Friendship Day messages is very special, they are the most popular and trending in the internet.

1.    Impressive Message for the Happy Friendship Day

FRIENDSHIP isn’t how U forget but how U forgive,

Not how U listen but how U Understand,

Not what U see but how U feels,

And not how U Let Go but how U hold on!!!

2.    Time and Distance in Friendships

Time & distance are important between friends. When a friend is in ur heart, they remain there forever. We may be get busy, but I assure u, u will always remain in my heart!

Happy friendship day messages 2017

3.    Good Friends

In a very short time we have become very good friends. I shared great moments with you. We will become true friends. Wish you a very Happy Friendship Day.

4.    Good Friendship Day message

A good friend is like a computer. I ‘enter’ in your life, ‘save’ you in my heart, ‘format’ your problems, ‘shift’ you to opportunities & never ‘delete’ you from my memory!

5.    Happy Friendship Day

Flower remembers bees,

Fish remembers water,

Tree remembers the rain,

At this moment I remember you!

To say happy friendship day to U!

6.  Makes You Bright

A candle can make room glow with light…

But friend like u make my day bright.

Happy Friendship day.

7.  Sweetest joy

The sweetest of joys

The loveliest of flowers

The melodist of songs

Can’t compare to the beauty and specialness in our FRIENDSHIP

Happy friendship day 2017….

8.  True Friends

A true Friend is some one

Who Sees the Pain In yours

Eyes While Everyone Else

Believes Your Smile

9.    Heart Beats- Lub Dub

When heart beats it says “lub-dub”.

Do you know what it means?

LUB says “Live Ur life Best”

DUB says “Do Ur Best in life”

Enjoy every heartbeat.

10.  Real Friends

A real friend: Cares like a Mom

Scolds like a Dad

Teases like a Sister

Irritates like a Brother

And loves more than a lover

Happy Friendship Day, Dear Friend!

So above is the best friendship day messages to wish your girlfriend,boyfriend  for making your Friendship Day very special with your friends. So enjoy the 6th August 2017, the world Friendship Day with your loving friends by sharing the above most expressive message to your friends.


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