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{2k17*} Happy Friendship Day Whatsapp Status & Facebook Status Messages 2017

Happy Friendship Day WhatsApp Status Wishes Quotes Messages 2017 is just a few days away and everyone is busy making some or the other plans to make a special day for best friends. Right from purchasing wonderful Happy Friendship Day gifts to selecting amazing Happy Friendship Day poems, all of us have some or the other plans for this awaited day.

Here in this post We provide you the best collection of Happy Friendship Day 2017 whatsapp status,quotes, images, pictures, messages, poems, wishes and greetings here. Let’s check out the best ones below.

Happy Friendship Day Whatsapp Status & Facebook Status Messages

Every year millions of people use to celebrate friendship day. This day is a very special day unlike other day. People from all over the world like to spend their time along with their friends or best friend enthusiastically. Some people will roam around and spend their time, on the other hand some of them will be staying at home. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter receive loads of amazing Happy Friendship Day WhatsApp status messages facebook status and tweets for the day. Also, one of the widely used chat application, Whatsapp witnesses large number of Happy Friendship Day Whatsapp Status, wallpapers and more on the day.

Happy Friendship Day WhatsApp Status /Happy Friendship Day Facebook status

Here We have mentioned latest quotes, messages and images for friendship day 2017. if you’re looking for friendship day whatsapp status, facebook status, quotes or messages to wish your best friends, you should visit right now.

In this post we will be sharing some of the amazing Happy Friendship Day Facebook and Whatsapp status messages that will help your feeling towards your Lover,Friends. Check out some of the best Happy Friendship Day Facebook and Whatsapp Status Messages below:

Happy Friendship Day Facebook and Whatsapp Status Messages

There were six rules to be happy in our life: Free your heart from your hatred; Free your mind from your worries; just live simply; don’t expect anything; Give more and Always have me as your friend.

happy friendship day messages for facebook

True friendship will be seen and feel only through the heart, but not just through the eyes. Happy Friendship Day.

There are big ships and small ships. But only the best ship is always the friendship. Happy Friendship Day.

friendship day messages for best friend

If you feel like crying on any day, just call me. I will not give you a promise that i’m gonna make you to laugh, but I wish to cry with you.
Friend ship day quotes for whatsapp

Love is DOCOMO, do the new.Marriage is IDEA, can change ur life.Wife is HUTCH, where ever you go she follows.But Friendship is AIRTEL, ek atut bandhan……!

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“Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.”
: Elbert Hubard

A simple friend thinks the friendship over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it’s not a friendship until after you’ve had a fight.

Friendship day best quotes

if you see a friend without a smile; give him one of yours. Happy Friendship Day.
friendship day whatsapp messages in english

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters,

friendship day 2017 quotes

good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling.

We have collect some best happy Friendship day Whatsapp Status and Friendship Day Whatsapp Dp for Boys and Girls, these are the best friendship day sms in english and happy friendship day quotes in english read them and give us your feedback.

It’s not an achievement to make 100 friends in a year, but an achievement is when you make a friend for 100 years. Happy Friendship Day 2017

Here is the video Related To friendship day 2017 for you.

Hope the above Happy Friendship Day Facebook and Whatsapp Status Messages can send to your lovely and cute friends through the social networking messaging applications like facebook, hike, whatsapp, line, wechat, through the android, iphone, ipad, ipad mini, htc, windows.

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Friendship Day SMS | 40+ Best Happy Friendship Day 2017 Text Messages

Friendship Day SMS: today we listed some of best friendship day sms and text messages for your best friend. we provide 40+ best happy friendship day 2017 sms, text messages and quotes here.A day to celebrate friendship is getting nearer! Very soon you will be looking for some beautiful and touching words to wish your friends a very Happy Friendship Day. This post is dedicated to give you collections of Friendship Day SMS you can send to your friends and colleagues via mobile SMS or social media like Whatsapp or Facebook. The friendship day is celebrated with great fervour by teenagers and youngsters by exchanging friendship bands and friendship day greeting cards. 

However, if it is not possible to meet up  your friends and gift them friendship bands, you can always send them Friendship Day messages to wish them.

With extensive use of phones and social media, it is natural to communicate with all our dear friends with SMS, images and beautiful words honouring friendship in its true spirit. Let your cell phones, tablets and laptops carry these beautiful Friendship Day Greetings to all your friends.

Top 10 Friendship Day SMS & Quotes

As you will be celebrating Friendship Day on the first Sunday of the August month, get ready to wish your friends with some great words appreciating their friendship. Here is a beautiful compilation of some touching Friendship Day SMS and Quotes you can use to wish your dear friends and celebrate the day. 

Friends are like lamp posts in our life,
they may not walk along
but light up our path during dark hours.
Happy Friendship Day!

A true friend will take 99 steps
towards you after you take 1 step towards him
Celebrate Friendship & Friendship Day!
Happy World Friendship Day to you all!

Friends are not those with whom you
chat over Whatsapp and Facebook.
Friends are those who just read your face
& ask you, “Tell me, Whats Up.?”
Happy Friendship Day to my Dearest Friend!

I am busy today too,
Hours are less & seconds are few,
But its a special day to remember
a true friend like you!
Happy Friendship Day!

Friends are those Angels
specially created by God
to be with us when the
whole world is against us.
Thanks for being my friend!
Happy Friendship Day!

The friendship band may remain or not
this rose may survive or not
but the special bond we share
will never lose its strength & fragrance.
Happy Friendship Day!

A friend will see tears through your eyes
when you are smiling to the whole world
to hide your grief!
Wish you a great Happy Friendship Day Wishes!

A friend is someone who listens to the song
in your heart,
and sing it back to you when you
forget the words.
Happy Friendship Day!

A friend is not who always do what you say,
A friend is the one who holds your hand &
bring you out of all mess you have not even seen.
Lots of love and blessings on Friendship Day!

Though time has drawn us apart,
with this friendship band &
beautiful rose,
I send my love and care for you.
Happy Friendship Day!

Lovely Happy Friendship Day Wishes & Messages

The Friendship Day is celebrated across the world on different days. But most of the countries celebrate it on the first Sunday of the month of August. The day is celebrated by exchanging roses, gifts, colourful friendship bands, greetings cards and messages. All the youngsters will be surely wanting some beautiful quotes on friendship to make their friends smile on this special day. Let your friends realize how much they mean to you. Use our friendship day sms, quotes and greetings for free. Just pick the one you like and send it across to your friends via mobiles or e.mail.

Love can make you cry,
But friendship believes in smiles,
Love can ditch
But friendship can reach to
a beautiful never ending relation!
Happy Friendship Day to all my Friends!

Finally it s a day when I take a chance
to thank you for being with me,
for understanding me,
for caring me,
for trusting me and gifting me the best friend!
Happy Friendship Day!

Sweet memories of childhood
remain for ever in heart
and never they die.
True friends stay together
and never say goodbye!
Happy Friendship Day to my Dearest friend!

True friends are tough to find,
hard to part with
and impossible to forget
even when apart
Happy Friendship Day!

Its a day to celebrate
the relation which is
beyond time, beyond words
and beyond any conditions!
Lets celebrate friendship together!
Lovely Friendship Day greetings to all my dear friends!

A line has two ends,
triangle has three
a square has four ends
and star has five
But friendship is a circle
without any end.
Beautiful friendship day wishes!

Sometimes I just wonder
looking at my Palm,
which cute crisscross
made me so lucky to have
a beautiful, sweet and true friend like you.
Happy Friendship Day!

True friends will laugh with you
even when you are laughing
at their cost!
Lovely friendship wishes
to all my near and dear friends!

Friendship is a great relation
with cute little things like
love and care,
fights and patch ups,
smiles and tears.
Happy Friendship Day!

Don’t try to define friendship
don’t try to find its meaning,
its just a feeling and a gesture
 of bringing someone up
without caring of your own place.
Happy celebrations of Friendship Day!

Though we are apart,
the best prayer I can say for you is
wherever you go,
may you find true friends
who keep you smiling and
give you all care and luv you need!
Happy Friendship Day!

Our family is God gifted
but our friends are the
family chosen by us!
Lots of love and care
to all my friends!
Happy Friendship Day Greetings to All!

Friendship is a wealth,
value your friends &
keep your bonds warm and going always.
Happy Friendship Day Wishes!
Value your friends &
Celebrate friendship.
Happy Friendship Day!

Making million friends in the list
is not a miracle,
its a miracle to have one single friend
who will stand by you
when millions are against you!
Have a great funky Friendship Day!

There are many wishes
I have for you,
No tears to depress u,
Only joys do surround you,
Angles themselves guard you
And God comes to bless you
Happy Friendship Day
With lots of lovely wishes!

Never miss an opportunity to renew and revive the bonds of relations! Celebrate the beautiful and most precious relation of friendship with our collections of amazing Friendship Day SMS and Wishes. The messages for Friendship day here will make your friends smile a lot on this beautiful day. Never be too busy that you don’t have time to send these beautiful friendship day greetings to your friends and colleagues. Wish you all a great Happy Friendship Day!

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50+ Friendship Day Messages : Happy Friendship Day 2017 Messages SMS for Facebook Whatsapp

Happy Friendship Day Messages: many peoples searching 50 Best Happy Friendship Day 2017 Messages SMS for Facebook Whatsapp . so we provide latest collection of friendship day messages and sms for your best friend,bf,gf,wife and husband. Arrive the first Sunday of August and all the young people around the world will be indulging in the joyous celebration of Friendship Day! Mobiles will be beeping for friendship day messages from friends, bands will adorn the hands of all teenagers and chocolates, friendship day cards and roses will be exchanged among friends, colleagues and classmates. Sending friendship day sms and quotes through mobiles and social media is one of the most popular way of celebrating friendship day now! You all will be in search for best and most beautiful words adoring friends and relation of friendship to send to your near and dear ones.

This article brings some beautiful friendship day messages and wishes you can use to wish your family members, friends, colleagues and beloved a great Friendship Day.

Top Friendship Day Messages for your Friends & Colleagues

Well here is a nice compilation of messages you can send to your friends on the coming 2nd August 2017. Wish your friends, kin and colleagues a beautiful friendship day and celebrate the day. Sending and receiving friendship day messages is the best way to celebrate this day across the world. The messages we have given here are short and sweet ones you can send to your people.

A beautiful friendship stands all the challenges of time
It is intact in spite of the changing seasons of life.
Lets celebrate our friendship together,
Happy Friendship Day!

This messages comes specially for you
to let you know how much you mean
& how you made my life worth living.
I hope you stay in my life forever.
Happy Friendship day to my dearest friend!

Life has many colours & many season
the best colour is the friendship
the best season is when a true friend is with you.
Truly said, the best moments of life are those
shared with friends.
Happy Friendship Day to all my dear Friends,
with whom I spent lovely moments.

Having a true friend is a luck
Knowing true friend’s worth is wisdom
Preserving friend’s friendship is best thing to do
A Very Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship adds joys to our life
It subtracts sorrows & divide miseries
It is a relation that grows in a quiet corner of hearts!
A very Happy Friendship day to my lovely friend!
Good friends are like beautiful mornings
they are not present every time
but you are sure of them to be there
once you sleep and wake up.
Have a great eventful Friendship Day!

Everyone can adorn a friendship band
Every one can have a sweet chocolate
Everyone can buy a sweet rose
But only I can have a sweet friend like U!
Wish you a lovely Friendship Day!

I have many friends;
Some are hits, some are flops,
Some are comic, some are tragedies,
Some are romantic, some are thrilling
But U R My Oscar Winning Friend!
A Very Dashing Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship is an unspoken silent promise
Given to friends
‘I will be always there when you need me’
Respect your Friends & Celebrate their value.
A Great Buzzing Friendship Day!

Romantic Friendship Day Messages 2017 for your Beloved

Though the first Sunday of August celebrate relation of friendship and means a special day of friends;  it is the relation often make its presence feel everywhere. Sweet emotions and bonds we share with our people also follow the charisma of friendship. You must have seen around the most beautiful friendships turning into life long bonds of love too. Here are some cute romantic friendship day messages you can send to the most precious person of your life. Make your beloved smile with these beautiful words.

Thinking of you I realize
I have got the most beautiful friend in U,
Thanks for being a great friend to me!
Wish you a great friendship day
With lots of love and hugs!

When I hear people talking of Angels
I keep on smiling, coz I have a the
Cutest angel and friend!
Happy Friendship Day to My Love!

When they say, ‘A friend is
Someone who accepts your today,
Understands your past and
Believe in your future,
I cant stop thinking of you and just U
Thanks for being with me always
Like a true Friend!
Lots of love and care on this Friendship Day!

The one who loves you most
also has power to hurt you most
but again he is the only one
who can feel your pain and wipe it off!
Happy Friendship Day to my sweet Beloved!

Never walk in front of me
Never behind me
Walk always beside me
to stay with me for every on every path
Just like a true friend!
A great lovely Friendship Day to
the most lovable U!
Happy Friendship Day Wishes!

A fragrance of flower remains for few hours
sweetness of chocolate remains in mouth for few minutes
But cuteness of friends remains in heart forever!
 A very Happy Friendship Day!

Heaven has made us friends for ever,
And you gifted me with all a true friend can give,
You did everything a true friend should do,
Though I know your love for me,
Our friendship is the thing I adore most,
Happy Friendship Day!

A friend is that every person in your life
Who dares to love you in spite of  all your
faults and weaknesses and thats why
Friendship is the first rule of love
A Very Happy Friendship Day to my Love!

I will love you as I love now forever
and I will always  try to be your best friend
for all my life.
Happy Friendship Day Wishes &
Lots of love.

Get ready to celebrate friendship day as the 2nd August will be round the corner soon. It may not be possible for you to gift roses and receive friendship bands when you are miles apart, but celebration does not stop as you can always wish your friends with beautiful words of friendship and love. Celebrate this Friendship Day with our special Friendship day messages and wishes.

The day celebrates relation of Friendship but the messages and quotes are sent and reciprocated by all. The youngsters celebrate the day with great zeal nowadays and hence we have shared these wonder messages. We are sure you will like them to use our friendship day messages on this Friendship Day. 

Happy Friendship Day Facebook Timeline Images, FB Cover Photos Images 2017

Happy Friendship Day Facebook Timeline Images : are you searching for friendship day fb cover photos images for happy friendship day 2017..if yes,Then you are at right place here. in this post i will share some of best Happy Friendship Day Facebook Timeline Images. you can easily copy and send Friendship Day messages without any hesitation.All these Best Friendship day FB Cover Photos Images 2017 here. so let's come to the collection of best friendship day quotes.

Happy Friendship Day Facebook Timeline Images, FB Cover Photos Images 2017

Happy Friendship Day Facebook Timeline Images

Friendship Day FB Cover Photos Images 2017 : Happy Friendship Day 2017 Status

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Happy Friendship Day 2017 Quotes | Wishes | Greetings

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Quotes: Friendship day Quotes wishes and greetings listed below. Come the first Sunday of the August month and all friends will be looking for friendship day messages and happy friendship day quotes to send warm greetings to their friends. With extensive use of smart phones and social media, it is most natural to send happy friendship day quotes and wishes to friends, kin and all near and dear ones. Messages are exchanged with friends who are miles away as well to those whom you meet up every day. Expressing your emotions and feelings to your friends and loved ones through messages has become very popular with more and more people using apps like whatsapp and facebook. 

Happy Friendship Day Quotes to Wish your Friends!

Have you ever though how your life would have been without good friends with whom you can laugh, talk and have fun without any inhibitions? Friendship is the relation where you find most of your freedom. Celebrate this strongest bond on friendship day by wishing your old and new friends a lovely friendship day. Some beautiful happy friendship day quotes are here for you and your friends.

Friendship is like good health. You may not realize its value until it is lost.
The best gift you can ever give your friends is just your friendship and your time.
Friendship that flows from true heart can never be frozen with time. Have a great Friendship Day!
You don’t have to spend bomb to keep your friendships alive. Just a phone call to old ones and a simple Hi to new ones, will add up years of true friendship for you.
A good laugh and sweet smile will help you earn joyful friendships. Happy Friendship Day!
Every garden must have a rose, every face must have a smile,
And every person must have a true friend like U!

If you want to live more and more joyfully,
keep in touch with all your friends!

Its day to thank all who walked along side you,
Who understood and you and cared for you.
Lets celebrate friendship!
Happy Friendship Day!

A true friend will know your weaknesses but will believe in your strengths,
will understand your fears, but will emphasize your potentialities.

A great friend will lend you his ears in spite of knowing you don’t have anything useful to say!
Have a lovely friendship day!

Everyone has friends in all stages of life,
but lucky are those who have same friends for all stages.
Wish you all a buzzing Friendship Day!

Your best friend will bring out all the best in you!
Happy Friendship Day Wishes!

Friendship Day Wishes 2017

Wondering when is friendship day in 2017? The first Sunday of August month falls on 2nd ofAugust 2017. Get ready to remember and wish all your buddies a great buzzing friendship day! We will be giving you some amazing collections of happy friendship day quotes and messages with friendship day images too!

Friendship has only two conditions to keep;
One is ‘Forever’ and second is ‘Always’
Wising Friendship Day to all my cute Friends!

Its time for colourful friendship bands & roses,
gifts and chocolates,
Friendship Day is here to tell us how lucky we are!
Happy Friendship Day to all!

We smiled by chance, we talked by luck,
We became friends by heavens,
But we are still friends is by trust and faith.
Wish you a lovely friendship day!

Friendship is that beautiful feeling,
of sharing an umbrella in full rains,
of crying bcoz friend is unhappy.
Don’t miss to celebrate the most beautiful
Wish you all a wonderful friendship day!

A friendship is cute when its new
Its sweeter when it grew
But its sweetest when friend is like U!
 A Happy Happy Friendship Day to my dearest friend!

Friendship is like a trust of an year old child,
when you throw him up in the air, he just laughs
knowing you will catch him before falling.
Trust your friends and friendship!
Wishing love and care to all
On Friendship Day!

True friends are like trees,
they won’t mind becoming less
to give you shelter.
Thanks to all my beautiful friends &
Wishing a dashing Friendship Day!

A true friend is worth millions of relatives!
Wishing a very Happy friendship Day to all of you!

My heartfelt friendship day greetings to all
those who believe in this divine bond of friendship!
Happy Friendship Day Wishes!

Since the first Sunday of August was proclaimed National Friendship Day in US, the day has become almost global annual celebration for friends. Specially youngsters, teenagers and kids have joined the celebration with great vigour by exchanging gifts, roses and chocolates with their friends and class mates. No matter how old you are, you can always wish you friends a beautiful friendship day by using our Happy Friendship Day Quotes and Wishes.

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Images, HD Pics, Photos, Wallpapers

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Images: we provide latest Happy Friendship Day images, HD Pics, Photos, Wallpapers for 2017 .Friends are those sweet and special people in your life who start crying with you if fail to make you laugh when you are sad. You will rarely find a person who is untouched by the sweet bond of Friendship. That is the reason why Friendship Day has become an annual celebration for friends when they share Friendship Day 2017 Images, Quotes and Messages to wish friends. No matter the friends are near or apart, the friendship day is time to remember every friend with whom you have spent some endearing and unforgettable moments of your life. This post brings some enticing and sweet friendship day images you can share with your friends over various social media.

Beautiful Images for Friendship Day 2017

Share these beautiful images honouring and appreciating your friends and friendship with your near and dear friends and let them know you value their preciousness. Express your gratitude to your friends for being with you always in good and bad times. It would be fun to thank them and wish them a Happy Friendship Day with all beautiful colours and pictures these images carry.

Happy Friendship Day Images 2017

A friend with whom you can laugh without reason, with whom you can drink and scream is worth millions of dollars!

Friendship is a beautiful rose in the garden of relations!

Friendship is not just a great thing. It made up of million little joys and cheers.

A single rose can freshen up the garden. A single friend can make your life worth living. Wishing you a great Friendship Day!

Friendship day Wallpapers Pictures 2017

A company of good friend is the best therapy you need when frustrated!

The best gift you can have from your friend is his/her friendship!

A real friend comes in your way only when you are going a wrong way!

Friendship is great when you are able to share everything with your friend in spite of distances and years in between you.
Happy Friendship Day!

Life has sorrows and pains. But it has friends too! Happy Friendship Day to all!

Friends are those caring people who eagerly wait for your answer after asking you, ‘How are You?’ Happy Friendship Day to my Dear Friends!

Happy Friendship Day Whatsapp DP & whatsapp status

True friends remain with you when all the world turns you down. Value friends and friendship! Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship is the only ship you can trust in all kind of weathers. Wishing everyone a lovely friendship day!

A good friend will call you ‘luvable’ though are stupid, fool and absent minded!
Friendship is a way of God to be with us always!

Best friends are like best wines. The older they are; the more delightful and true they are!

Make your friends happy with the beautiful Friendship Day images and pictures as well quotes. There may be hundreds of ways to express your feelings and emotions to your friends but still its one of the most difficult to express yourself the way you feel. Our collections of happy friendship day quotes and friendship day images will be your best way this year to display your cheerful feelings for your friends. Just use these beautiful friendship day images to reveal your feelings to your friends. 

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